Hospital Navigator Germany

SALETELLIGENCE Hospital Navigator – Germany

“Where are my patients treated? Where do the treatments relevant to me take place?” – central questions for sales and marketing management. For this, the diagnosis and procedure figures available at the most granular level constitute a comprehensive and valid source of information. We, at SALETELLIGENCE, have been dealing for many years already with getting the maximum out of this data.

The SALETELLIGENCE Hospital Navigator is the ideal access to the quality reports and links the data contents with interactive analysis and presentation options.


  • Complete access to all information of the quality reports
  • Number of in-patient cases by diagnosis (ICD10) and procedures (OPS) on the specialised department level
  • Out-patient treatment options incl. out-patient surgeries
  • Assignment of clinics to purchasing associations and to the respective address base of our customer
  • Patient age distributions

Analyses and presentations:

  • Easy determination of top clinics and departments
  • Intuitive reporting of results incl. maps, concentrations curves and additional graphs
  • Examination of case number development over several years
  • Comparison of case numbers of different diagnosis and procdures
  • Straight-forward export of the analysis results into Excel