Hospital Navigator Switzerland

SALETELLIGENCE Hospital Navigator – Switzerland

In the highly competitive hospital market, SALETELLIGENCE is making new data regarding this market segment available with the Hospital Navigator Switzerland. Exclusively for Switzerland, we are offering current case numbers for numerous clinical pictures and diagnosis groups. All hospital networks become transparent, sales potentials become visible, and new approaches to the targeting of hospital doctors become possible.


  • Current case numbers from the Initiative for Quality Assurance in Healthcare for all acute-care hospitals in Switzerland
  • Data history since 2009
  • In-patient stays for 49 clinical pictures and diagnosis groups with more than 50,000 data records
  • Additional indicators regarding structural and performance data for psychiatric clinics, birthing houses, and rehabilitation facilities
  • Network structure for associated companies and purchasing operations

Analyses and presentations:

  • Hospital search incl. structural and performance data
  • Selection of diagnosis groups and case sub-groups
  • Straight-forward export of the analysis results into Excel
  • Geographic visualisations