This year, we are supporting the nationwide childhood cancer project Fruchtalarm with a donation of 3,000 euros.

Fruchtalarm – Precious moments for children with cancer

Every week, Fruchtalarm brings joy and confidence to children’s cancer wards and children’s and youth hospices throughout Germany. Because that is the most important thing they can give seriously ill children and young people.
Small cocktail – big impact
At Fruchtalarm, the seriously ill patients shake their own fruit cocktails. This encourages movement and self-determined action, makes drinking easier, activates all the senses and gives pleasure and courage.
The delicious fruit cocktails are a welcome distraction during the lengthy therapies and from the associated side effects. Chemotherapy often makes it difficult to drink fluids. It also significantly alters the sense of taste and smell. This makes it even more difficult for seriously ill children and young people to eat and drink. Mixing delicious fruit cocktails together makes the hospital stay a little more colorful for the young patients and motivates them to drink.
You don’t have to be fruit to help!

A great project from Bielefeld with many volunteers all over Germany, which we are very happy to support!