Sales enabling app

Making work easier for the sales force


Fresenius Kabi faced the challenge that different sales sources and distribution channels with different information and data bases are important for the distribution of its own products. This led to a high degree of complexity with regard to the area management of the sales staff. In order to support the sales force in its sales activities, Fresenius Kabi has already provided its sales staff with relevant monthly information in the past. However, Fresenius Kabi identified a need for further optimization in the area of information provision and especially in processing. The office staff should be further relieved and the field staff should be provided with optimally prepared and user-friendly visualized information.


In order to achieve this goal, a specific app should be developed for the field force that provides the employees with the information relevant for the various customer groups on the iPad in a clear and intuitive way.


At the beginning of the project, the respective information and data requirements were determined for the various relevant areas. Together with the Fresenius Kabi project team, the contents to be presented were determined and the corresponding presentations defined. Explicit care was taken to ensure that a comparison was made between the possible and actually useful provision of information in order to avoid information overload.

When the essential contents were determined, the development of a corresponding layout could take place. Usability is of particular importance for later intensive use by the target group. In addition to a clear preparation and visualization of the results, the workflow of the users is particularly important.

After defining the relevant data and the layout, the iPad app based on the SALETELLIGENCE Territory Cockpit was developed, including the corresponding server structures. The encryption technologies used ensure secure communication. An offline component also ensures that the data is available at all times. Thus, the relevant information can also be analyzed directly on site, e.g. during the time in the waiting room, without an Internet connection, or a replacement for cancelled appointments can be found.
The newly developed app was initially introduced at one of the sales force lines. The user experiences could thus be used to further develop the app. This was followed by the roll-out of further field service lines. The introduction was rounded off by an extensive training program, which was designed and implemented together with Fresenius Kabi.


The introduction of the app makes the daily work of the employees much easier. The following aspects are at the centre of this:

Simple determination of relevant customers with regard to potential, turnover and market share

No information overload:
User-friendly app with the essential information for sales activities

Complexity reduction:
Networked view of the main data sources

Increased efficiency:
Acceleration of the provision of information and relief of the internal sales force

SALETELLIGENCE is our preferred partner for the implementation and ongoing support of our area management app, both in terms of helping us select the right data and in the actual development and maintenance of the app

Dr. Carsten Bartens, Leader Division Key Account Pharmacies, Fresenius Kabi Deutschland GmbH

Screenshot: SALETELLIGENCE TerritoryCockpit – Network view