Strategic analyses


A pharmaceutical original equipment manufacturer sells an extensive product portfolio subdivided into various business units. In one indication area, the competitive situation recently intensified significantly. For this reason, activities in the sales area were to be reviewed and optimized if necessary. However, there was no comprehensive overview of sales force effectiveness and internal resources were scarce.


A comprehensive status quo analysis was to be carried out to review the sales activities. For this purpose, various internal and external data sources were brought together and subsequently evaluated. Based on the results of the analysis, potential for improvement was identified and recommendations for action were derived.

Overview of the relevant analysis areas


At the beginning of the project, the different characteristics of the relevant areas such as the relevant market, the territory structure, targeting and resource allocation as well as the multi-channel approach were discussed in a workshop and the relevant analysis areas and focal points were defined. The next step was to create an analysis database that integrates all existing data sources and makes them usable.

In close exchange with the customer project team, the necessary analyses were carried out, the results discussed and, if necessary, subjected to further refining analyses. In this way, a status quo was determined for each relevant area, on the basis of which strategic decisions could be made after appropriate preparation and documentation.


The intensive analysis of the status quo provided concrete starting points for a successful future. For the business unit, a comprehensive report was produced on the current status of market development. This report already identified concrete starting points for strategy development for various time horizons. Particularly in the areas of call planning and resource allocation, some “quick wins” could be worked out that promise sustainable and short-term improvements.

Example analysis regarding call plan adherence

The status quo analysis gave us a very good overview of our activities and enabled us to incorporate the results directly into our strategic and operational planning.

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