SALETELLIGENCE provides support in the development of variable remuneration systems and bonus schemes as well as in the optimisation and/or adjustment of systems that already exist.

The starting point in this is always a comprehensive analysis of the existing solution as well as of its alignment with the objectives of the company. In this context, it must be determined whether a changing of the existing bonus scheme is actually necessary or whether a perceived problem may be originating from other areas such as imbalanced sales territories or insufficient objectives.

Building thereupon, the conceptual development of the future bonus scheme is carried out. In this regard, several aspects have to be considered. In particular, the definition of performance measures and payout schemes appropriately aligned with the company strategy has to be thought through and implemented in a structured way. Only then, the incentive scheme provides the motivational effects as intended.

Process for incentive compensation scheme development

In connection with this, we place particular emphasis on a data-based simulation of the new system in order to make palpable for the company in advance the impacts of the new methodology with respect to the target figures.

Comparison of employees based on the old and new incentive schemeComparison of employees based on the old and new incentive scheme