SpitalNavigator Austria: The case NUmbers for 2020 are herE

As a valid and objective data source, the SALETELLIGENCE SpitalNavigator can provide valuable insights into customer potential in hospitals for a wide range of diseases and indications.

Since a few days, the new annual numbers for a large number of diagnoses & services are available down to hospital level for the data year 2020!

Our Navigator contains all hospitals and their departments including further information (e.g. beds, equipment, etc.). In addition, the tool contains >5,000 outpatient departments/special outpatient departments incl. department affiliation, opening hours and contact persons.

All data can be queried as often as desired and by up to 20 users within the company. In addition, numerous functions for selection and analysis are available, so that an optimal data source is available in the hospital sector. Learn more about the tool here.

Corona effect on hospital case numbers 2020

The data year 2020 was a special one due to the Corona pandemic and has led to major changes in the entire health system, but especially in the hospitals. This becomes clear when one looks at the current hospital case numbers in detail:

  • If one looks at the hospitals with reported case numbers for 2019 and 2020, a clear decrease in the total case numbers of approx. 18% can be seen for 2020.
  • The areas of “Respiratory system”, “Pregnancy and birth”, “Transplants” and “Other areas” have only fallen slightly per category (please see following chart). In the areas of “Eye”, “ENT and face and teeth” as well as “Skin and breast” there were significantly fewer cases.
  • Interesting changes can also be seen per fine category: e.g. pneumonia has risen sharply while the number of caesarean sections has hardly changed. Tonsil operations, on the other hand, have fallen sharply.