DOL – IdentifiCation

Digitalisation continues to advance. This makes it all the more important to track the presence of healthcare professionals (HCP) in digital channels, i.e. in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) as well as digital media (podcasts, webinars, physician platforms, etc.). With our innovative methods, we can identify influencers and their activities, interests and statements on an indication-specific and data-based basis and determine digital opinion leaders.

With the help of our sophisticated procedures, you receive information about who the DOLs are and with which activities they are active in the network. Using the number and type of activities, followers, etc., we develop a ranking that you can specify individually for your objectives.

In addition, we can support you with the creation of a profiling of the identified DOLs. This detailed information on the individuals includes all activities in their professional environment. This will provide you with knowledge about their career, orientation and cooperation with companies / research associations and the scope of their work in the specific indication you have chosen.

Here, various freely available sources are used for identification:

  • all relevant social media channels
  • relevant digital channels for publishing information and research results
  • physician platforms in which HCPs exchange information.

This information is highly informative in terms of their alignment, importance and influence. This enables staff and companies to strategically approach building relationships with these important individuals.

All data is collected and compiled by us in such a way that you receive a comprehensive store of knowledge that optimally supports the work with the DOL.

Following the DOL identification, continuous management of the target groups is of course also crucial. You can find more information on this here.