KOL- & DOL-Management

KOL- & DOL-Management

Once the Key & digital Opinion Leaders have been identified (relevant procedures can be found here), field force (e.g. MSLs) work with these doctors on an ongoing basis. Events are planned, joint lectures are held and much more. This quickly brings together a lot of data and information that can be very helpful for further collaboration with the KOLs.

However, since most CRM systems are not designed for detailed KOL-/DOL-Management, in many companies the information and data on the KOLs/DOLs are maintained manually, e.g. in Excel, by the individual employees.

However, this results in a number of difficulties:

  • There is no central database, but only fragmented and often unsystematically collected information.
  • The knowledge about this central target group, which is critical for success, is often only available to the responsible staff member. If the employee falls ill or changes companies, it is lost.
  • A complete view of the target group, even from a national perspective, is usually not readily available.
  • Changes in KOL/DOL characteristics or meanings (e.g. rising stars) are only recognised partially or late.
  • Other employees of the company, e.g. the office staff, the management, etc., have no possibility to improve their own work with this information. If, for example, Marketing is looking for a suitable speaker in a certain city for a specific indication, this is not easily possible.

The SOLUTION: OUR Web-based KOL/DOL-Management Tool

Therefore, we have developed a web-based solution for KOL- & DOL-Management that enables central maintenance and appropriate access to this data.

All the data is brought together and stored centrally. Users can then retrieve this data individually at any time.

The flexible web tool, which can be individually adapted to the respective customer needs, also enables all user groups to access the data as they wish by means of special read and write rights.

Essential functions/contents of our webtool:

  • Central database: separable by indications/products
  • Online access: accessible with any common internet browser and individual user names and passwords
  • No restriction to small numbers of users/ no single-user licences
  • Individually customisable read and write permissions for user groups
  • Possibility of KOL/DOL ranking and definition of selection flags (e.g. memberships in societies, reach, status, etc.)
  • All activities can be stored with corresponding information (e.g. lecture quality, content orientation, etc.)
  • Maintenance and mapping of network relationships of the KOL/DOL
  • Various filter options and map displays
  • Overviews/national views of the KOLs/DOLs
  • Export functions, e.g. to Excel

We can implement individual adjustments and extension requests beyond the standard functions in an uncomplicated and fast way.

Have we aroused your interest? If you would like more details on KOL- & DOL-Management, please contact Mr. Martin Walter (by e-mail or phone +49.521.2997-403).