KOL – IdentifiCation

With our long-established procedures for KOL-Identification, we can identify influencers, opinion leaders and experts on an indication-specific and data-based basis.

You not only receive information on who the KOLs are, but also information on the focal points, e.g. who speaks particularly much on the topic at events, who publishes a lot, etc.

The detailed information of the persons includes all activities in their professional environment. This provides you with extensive information on their career, orientation and scope of work in the specific indication you have chosen.

Various freely available sources are used for the final analysis:

  • Vita and professional focus
  • Prizes and awards
  • Leaders or participants in clinical trials
  • Functions in committees
  • Memberships and positions in working groups and associations
  • Contributions and functions in conferences
  • Contributions and publications weighted by impact of journals and magazines

This information is highly informative with regard to the orientation, importance and influence of these individuals. It enables staff and companies to strategically approach building relationships with these important individuals.

All data is collected and compiled by us in such a way that you receive a comprehensive store of knowledge that optimally supports the work with the KOLs.

Following the KOL-Identification, continuous management of the target groups is of course also crucial. You can find more information on this here.

The result of the project is quite wonderful. Success-critical knowledge on defined experts is now fully available to our company. All facets of expert knowledge were illuminated and categorised for further processing. The analysis tool and the visual presentation make it easy to share knowledge within the organisation. All-round success.

Dr Mathias Wundram, Head of Medical Science Liaison Oncology, AstraZeneca GmbH